Our indoor water park is open every day from 9 am to 8 pm from Easter to and including week 42. Access to the indoor water park + outdoor pool is free for all overnight guests.


Do you love the water? So do we! That is why First Camp Råbjerg Mile – Skagen has a lovely water park. As the only campsite in the Skagen area, we have both an indoor water park and an outdoor swimming pool. In addition, the scenic North Sea or Kattegat aren’t far either, so a visit to us comes with plenty of opportunities to jump into the water with friends and family and have fun.


In the pre-season and post-season, it is wonderful to be able to jump into the indoor pool or hot spa bath, or perhaps take a dip in the hot sauna. After a nice brisk walk along the beach, on the mile or perhaps a bike ride to Skagen, there is almost nothing better than a refreshing dip in the water. If it’s camping with a water park you’re looking for, you’ll find some of the best with us!

Access to the indoor water park + indoor pool is free for all overnight guests.

You can also see the fantastic sunset from the beach at Kandestederne or from the top of Råbjerg Mile. The atmosphere and colors are so beautiful that if you take a blanket and a picnic basket with you, you'll want to never leave the place again. Regardless of whether you prefer fun in the water or scenic experiences, First Camp Råbjerg Mile - Skagen will bring family and friends closer together through wonderful shared experiences. The North Sea, Kattegat, Råbjerg mile, Skagen water park – wonderful!

Outdoor Pool

At First Camp Råbjerg Mile – Skagen, we are proud to have a delicious outdoor pool that invites you to have fun, play and relax. How about trying a ride on our fun slide that gives a nice rush in the stomach? Play, splash and play ball in the water - regardless of whether you are a child or an adult. Let the children burn off energy and find your inner playboy and take part in the pranks!

Camping with a pool for the little ones

Of course, we also have a section for the little ones if the splashing gets too violent. Let the little ones become familiar with water. They will certainly enjoy themselves in the area for the smallest children, where water play is kept at a level that is safe and fun for them.

When all the children are having fun in the water, throw yourself into one of our beautiful sunbeds. Put your legs up, enjoy a good book and the sound of children having fun. On a hot summer's day, nothing can beat our beautiful outdoor pool - whether you're a child or an adult.