A journey through time

All around us there are exciting remnants left by our forefathers. Magnificent monuments, mysterious structures and other spectacular sights are never far away. Are you interested in exploring captivating locations and our cultural and historical heritage? Let us guide you on your next journey through time!

Moose Garden

Enjoy elks close enough to touch! Moose Garden in Orrviken builds on the genuine experiences in typical Jämtlands cultural environment. You can pat the elk Elsa and learn about the world’s only elk-paper production!


Jamtli suits young and old! Jamtli is an outdoor museum with lots of activities all year round. Many are interested in history, while others just visit to have a nice day in a different environment. Every year around 200 000 visitors come to Jamtli in Östersund. In the museum you can take a slide down through the lake monster to exciting exhibitions. At Jamtli it’s easy to feel the inner child again!

Discover more at www.jamtli.com


Frösön offers several food outlets and coffee places, if you do not want to leave. You could of course take a five minutes drive from First Camp Frösön to the centre of Östersund. Do you feel like shopping, taking a coffee break or eat something good?
In the area around the town square and pedestrian area, you can stroll in a quaint small town environment and choose from many different shops and cafes or restaurants. For proper retail therapy, choose Lillänge Mall, just outside the city centre, with ample parking.