Tropical waterpark for the whole family

At First Camp Bøsøre Strand you will find one of Funen’s best water parks, where there is room for fun and relaxation – both outdoors and indoors. The whole family can have a holiday with a water park with sunbathing for the adults and water slides for the children.


Holiday with water park – Indoor and outdoor water park on Funen

It is a great pleasure to see how both the locals in the area and our overnight guests enjoy our water park here on Funen. The indoor water park is arranged on three levels with a sauna at the top. Here you can sit and enjoy the incredibly beautiful view of the Great Belt.


The upper pool is 80 cm deep, here you can try our Surfing Hill, which is one of our water slides. From it you end up in the large pool, which is 128 cm deep. Badelandet’s children’s pool is 30 centimeters deep, where children can splash in the warm water.

Waterpark on Funen - Go on an adventure in our slides

In our water park we have four water slides. The highest is a whopping 6.5 metres, and the lowest is only 1 metre. All slides have closed tubes for safety reasons.

In our hot tubs, you can have your whole body massaged in the 37 degree warm water, so you can be completely relaxed and de-stressed. While your children splash in the small pools in our water park, you can relax on one of our sunbeds. Bøsøre thus has both a water park for children and a wellness focus that can meet the needs of adults.

Opening hours

Indoor water park
Low season:
Sunday - Thursday: 9 - 16
Friday - Saturday: 9 - 17

High season: 8am-8pm

Outdoor water park
Low season: Closed
High season: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m