Inviting camping cabins on South Funen

Are you longing for a holiday where your mood will lift and your heart rate will drop? Do you want a balance between activities and relaxation? And should there be plenty of opportunities to enjoy each other’s company? Then a stay in our camping cabins on Funen is definitely worth a visit! Show price here and book online.


We have several types of camping cabins – depending on whether you are a larger or smaller group going on holiday together. What they all have in common is that they are inviting, bright, and comfort has been turned up well in the form of a private bath, toilet and kitchen. There are also duvets and pillows here, so you don’t have to think about that either. Dogs are allowed in all our cabins. Bring any even bed linen.


Pool/Water park

Our prices include free access to the pool/water park. For safety reasons, First Camp reserves the right to reject guests at the entrance to the water park/pool if this is deemed to be indefensible. It is First Camp’s right to assess this at any time. Please note that opening hours may vary.