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Children’s club

Kids club with Yessi

Only at First Camp will you meet with lucky creatures. Our fun, enchanting hostess welcomes all children to the best summer holiday in the world – this year, with a record number of adventures! Yessi has planned loads of fun outdoor activities that will make for a fantastic holiday!

Yessi lives in the wood beside the camp site, and she comes to the children’s club as often as she can to take the children on an adventure. Yessi is a so-called lucky creature, spreading happiness with her special hugs, music, fun activities and knowledge – which her best friends, the children, will be absorbed in for a long while. Kids Club is free for all small campers. 

Our fantastic play leaders focus on leading the activities and creating a great experience for the children taking part. Children should always have an adult close by where needed.

Read more about our free activity programme here!

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