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Out on the ‘Grenen’ spit

Two seas meet at Denmark’s most northerly point: the Skagerrak and the Kattegat. Many tourists are keen to try standing in the water, one foot in each sea.

To reach the point, one takes a half-hour stroll through some awe-inspiring landscape before feeling soft sand underfoot. Another way is to hail the Sandworm ‘train’, whose tractor pulls a carriage back and forth throughout the day.

Read more about Grenen here:

www.naturturist.dk – Nature Tourist North Jutland: Grenen

www.naturstyrelsen.dk – The Danish Woodland and Nature Agency: Grenen

www.vejretiskagen.dk – see the current weather for Grenen!

www.sandormen.dk – Take the Sandormen train (Sandworm) train out to the tip of Grenen and see nature from the front row.

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