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Set up to move during your time at the campsite, there are great opportunities for it both in the area and nearby.

Circle training

Strain strength and energy this summer with our circle training session. A fun, effective workout with different stations where we work through the whole body. Everyone can participate regardless of the training level. Only open during the summer.


We make movements that counteract stress, back problems and tense neck & seat muscles. Yoga mats are available on site. Come if you want to give your body a great start to the day. Everyone can join us! Only open during the summer.

Canoe and Kayak

Discover the beautiful nature around Gränna, rent a canoe or a kayak. Read more in the link.

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Gränna MTB-bana

Do you like cycling MTB? Discover the popular MTB-bana in Gränna!

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Hiking and running

The area near Gränna – Vättern invites you to nice trails for both hiking and running.

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Cycling trails

In Gränna there are fantastic trails and bike rides that you can experience and get around on two wheels.

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Take the opportunity to visit Gränna Golf Club during your visit!

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