Kärradal boule
Kärradal boule


Who will be the campsite champion? Most have probably played boule at some time in their life and that is not strange at all because the game really is the ultimate summer activity. Challenge newfound camping friends, siblings or family to a round, or why not start up a campsite boule tournament? Well, no matter what you do, be sure that the rules are agreed upon before you begin playing. 

Arcus – Luleå

First Camp Arcus – Luleå is open all year round. Here one can expect a unique natural life, so come equipped with your fishing rods and you could find lavaret (white fish), trout and pike in the Lule river to take home for your evening dinner.

Boden bad pool

Björknäs – Boden

Welcome to our idyllic campsite, First Camp Björknäs – Boden, which is open year-round.

Solvik – Kungshamn

Not many things compare to the sea view from First Camp Solvik – Kungshamn. Here you camp royally with Bohuslän and Best Coast at your feet.

Björkäng camping

Björkäng – Varberg

First Camp Björkäng – Varberg in Tvååker, south of Varberg, is a beautifully located family camping.

Hagön – Halmstad

Only 6 kilometers away from Halmstad city you will find First Camp Hagön – Halmstad, with the beautiful green nature and the sea as their closest neighbour.

Karlstorp – Halmstad

At cosy First Camp Karlstorp – Halmstad you will have a nice stay with walking distance to Tylösands famous beach. You will also have the city centre of Halmstad close by. Here you can enjoy everything from swimming, fishing and windsurfing to the classic adventure golfing. Or if you would like you could do some shopping.

Kärradal camping

Kärradal – Varberg

Welcome to a true gem on the west coast: First Camp Kärradal – Varberg! Ideally located a few hundred metres from the sea on the west coast just north of Varberg

Röstånga – Söderåsen

First Camp Röstånga – Söderåsen är ett riktigt paradis för barnfamiljen såväl som naturälskaren.

Tylösand – Halmstad

Ett ögonblicks promenad från Sveriges vackraste strand ligger vår camping i Tylösand!

Frigård – Flensborg Fjord

We always recommend pre-ordering, but it is not a requirement. We welcome drop-in guests, but can not guarantee available capacity.

Lugnet – Falun

First Camp Lugnet – Falun is located in a peaceful environment surrounded with beautiful nature by the east side of Falun.