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Season Opening 2024

Soon it's season opening ūüéČ Here's all you need to know!

Hooray, the summer season of 2024 is finally about to kick off and no one is more excited than we are. Our destinations are gearing up, new employees are to be welcomed, shops are beginning to fill up, and of course, the red carpet is set to be rolled out. Here we have gathered everything useful to know before check-in, see you soon!

This year's dates for the summer season:

  • March 22 - October 22 | Southern/Mid Sweden & Denmark
  • April 26 - September 15 | Mid Sweden
  • May 24 - September 22 | Northern Sweden
säsongshäfte 2024

Check out the season brochure!

As the season kicks off, you can finally flip through your season brochure. Keep the brochure close at hand during the season and don't forget to take advantage of all the offers. Right now, we can give you a little hint about what's hiding inside...

  • Discount on camping for your friends
  • Refreshing ice creams
  • Free mini and adventure golf
Norrlands bfirst camp tylösand - halmstad

NEW! Free camping week this summer

You read that right! To show extra gratitude to everyone in our large seasonal family, we will offer all summer season guests a free camping week. Soon, you'll receive more information via email on how to take advantage of the offer, so keep an eye on your inbox!

Recruit a Friend - Save Even More!

Shared joy is double joy! ūüėĄ Recruit a friend to any destination for the summer season of 2024 and both you AND your friend will receive a 1000 SEK discount on your seasons. The discount will be deducted at the payment of the seasonal spot or on the electricity bill at the end of the season.

  • 1000 SEK discount for you + your friend
  • Applies only to new seasonal guests
  • Book directly through the selected destination

Season Package with discount

If you prefer to be on the move during the peak summer weeks, you can choose either pre-season or post-season, or both! Choose pre-season here and post-season there - and get a 500 SEK discount on the post-season price. Contact the reception to take advantage of the offer.

  • 500 SEK discount on post-season
  • Applies to all destinations
  • Can only be booked on-site

Good to know before check-in

On the day of check-in
Check-in time is at 13:00, but local variations may occur. Keep an eye on your destination's Facebook page for the latest information. Places may still be wet due to an early season opening and a winter with heavy rainfall. At the beginning of the season, not all facilities will be open at all destinations, and the offerings will be expanded later.

It is okay if someone other than you listed on the booking checks in your unit, but it is your responsibility to convey the information you have received, including setup and comfort rules.

Check in Later
If you cannot arrive on the check-in day, you need to notify the destination by email at least 24 hours before the planned arrival, this also applies if you plan to check in outside the reception's opening hours. When the reception is unmanned, you will find your access card in the key box, therefore it is important that you notify the destination in good time so we can place your access card in the box.

Check in Earlier
If you want access to your spot earlier, you can go to our online booking and check if the spot is available. Make a booking directly online and choose your specific seasonal spot, or call us and make a booking over the phone.

Water on the camping grounds will be turned on only when there is no longer a risk of nighttime frost. Since this year's season starts early, we hope for temperatures above freezing and good weather. Water is always available in the service buildings.

Rules of Conduct on the campsite
Your seasonal spot is, after all, your second home, so naturally, we want to do everything we can to make your season as enjoyable as possible. In our rules of conduct, you'll also find parking rules for your equipment. Our parking rules are in place to ensure that the site is safe and secure for our guests, staff, and the environment.

First Camp Club
As a member of the First Camp Club, you get 5% points back on daily bookings. It is not possible to earn points on season and corporate bookings, and it is also not possible to pay parts of your season booking with points. However, you can certainly enjoy all other benefits as a member of the First Camp Club.

Electricity pricing
We update the electricity prices every three months to ensure that we follow the current market price. Before each new electricity period, you'll receive information via email and on our website. Here, you can read more about your electricity price and when it will be updated next.

What happens when the season ends?
Have you tried winter camping? Many of our destinations also offer winter seasons. However, if you're just a summer camper, you can choose to leave your camping floor or your entire setup over the winter at most destinations. Contact your destination for more information on what is possible.