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Membership Terms - First Camp Club

Latest Update: 2024-05-14

Membership Terms

First Camp is Scandinavia's largest camping chain with destinations in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. As a guest, you can easily book your holiday at all First Camp destinations on one website.

By registering and becoming a member of our customer club, First Camp Club, provided and administrated by United Camping Holding AB, org.no: 559082-2523 (First Camp) and our group companies collectively referred to as First Camp ("we" or "us"), you accept and agree to follow these membership terms and confirm that you have read and accepted our terms of use for our website and app.

The club's offers apply in relation to bookings of camping destinations with First Camp's group companies in Sweden, Norway, or Denmark, provided via our website en.firstcamp.se and mobile application First Camp. Our destinations are collectively referred to as "destinations" and individually as a "destination".


If you like camping, you'll love First Camp Club! When you become a member of First Camp Club, you get access to campaigns, competitions, customer surveys, unique discounts, offers, and benefits, while your bookings earn you bonus points.

Membership in First Camp Club is free, and you can collect and pay with points at our destinations in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

You can become a member via our mobile application ("app") First Camp or via our website en.firstcamp.se. If you want to become a member through our app, you need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play. You can also become a member by contacting the reception at one of our destinations or by contacting our Contact Center. To become a member of First Camp Club, you must be 18 years old. Membership is personal and cannot be transferred and is only available to private individuals.

You need to create an account with us to access membership in First Camp Club. You do this by clicking on the link in the email you receive from us after registering as a member. In any case, you agree to provide correct and complete information to us.

When you log in to your account, via the website or app, you get access to "My Pages" with personalised content and specific benefits and offers. There you can also see your bookings and your point balance.

Benefits, Offers and Communication

As a member of First Camp Club, you receive customised communication with personal offers and selected membership offers. You also receive customised news, recommendations, inspiration, invitations to events, and various benefits associated with your membership. When you are a member with us, we think that we have a legitimate interest in informing you about our offers and more.

We normally communicate via email, SMS, firstcamp.se, or other digital communication, including advertising via social media through cookies (e.g., Facebook), as well as printed materials, such as magazines or letters. If you no longer wish to be contacted for marketing purposes, you can send an email to firstclub@firstcamp.se or use the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of our email campaigns. You can also change your cookie settings by clicking on the green round icon on the left side of our website. If you disable cookies, the functionality of our websites will decrease.

Personal Data

When you become a member of First Camp Club, we register your name, contact details, customer number, and booking history and information connected to your membership. The purpose of registration is to allow us to deliver a service to you (membership), and the legal ground for the processing of personal data is a contract. We will save your personal data (except for passwords) for as long as you are a member of First Camp Club. We will not share this information with third parties unless we are legally obliged to do so, nor will we transfer the personal data outside the EEA.

United Camping Holding AB, org.no: 559082-2523, with address Erik Dahlbergsallén 15, 115 20 Stockholm, is the Data Controller for the company's processing of your personal data. You are always welcome to contact us if you want more information about what personal data we have registered about you and how we use the data, or if any information is incorrect and you want us to correct it. For example, you can call us at +46 (0)771-101 200 or send an email to GDPR@firstcamp.se, and we will answer your questions.

Read more about how we process your personal data and your full rights in our privacy policy.

Earn and Use Bonus Points

You earn 1 bonus point per 20 SEK/DKK/NOK in local currency that you spend on the price of accommodation, regardless of the type of accommodation. Bonus points are added to your account after you check out from your stay. Below you will find information on how to earn and use points.

As a member of First Camp Club, you get:

  • 5% of the booked accommodation value in points when you book online, via the app, by phone or directly on-site. Example: If you make a booking to the value of 500 SEK, you get 25 points.

You can use your bonus points as a discount on your bookings at our destinations in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, either when booking online, via the app, by phone, or on-site at the reception.

How to earn and use points online or in the app:

  1. Log in with your details on the website or app.
  2. Complete the booking and the points will be added to your account after you check out from your stay.
  3. At payment, you can choose to pay for the booking with your earned points, either for all or part of your booking.

How to earn and use points for bookings by phone/in reception:

  1. Specify your customer number or the email address that is linked to First Camp Club.
  2. When it’s time to pay, you can choose to use your earned points to pay for all or part of your booking.

Terms for First Camp Club Points

  • Points are valid from the year they are earned plus the two subsequent years. The expiration date for the points is always December 31 two years after the year the points were earned. This means that your points can be valid for a maximum of three years and a minimum of two years. Example: the points you earned in 2023 are valid until December 31, 2025.
  • You earn points on all accommodation (i.e. on the accommodation value) you book with us, regardless of whether you book a cabin, camping, hotel, tent or glamping.
  • You can pay for new bookings with your earned points.
  • You earn and can use points at our Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish destinations, and the points are calculated in the same way regardless of the currency you pay in.
  • You will be automatic upgraded to First Camp Gold membership level when you have earned 500 points during the year. You will remain a member of First Camp Gold until the end of the following year. Example: if you earn 500 points in July 2023, you remain a gold member until December 31, 2024.
  • Points are awarded after you check out from your stay.
  • Only bookings made directly with First Camp qualify for points (i.e. you do not earn points if you for example book via booking.com).
  • Points are not awarded on seasonal prices, monthly bookings, group bookings or corporate bookings.
  • In the event of rebooking and/or cancellation, only valid points are transferred back to your account (expired points cannot be reused), and they retain their original expiration dates. This applies only to bookings with Flex.
  • Points are not awarded for bookings where check-out took place before your membership in First Camp Club is activated (registered & confirmed via link in email from us).
  • Bookings (accommodation) that are paid for with existing points or partially paid with existing points, do not qualifying for points.

Unless otherwise stated by us, points can only be used by you personally.

Validity and Termination of Membership

Your membership of First Camp Club is valid until further notice. To terminate your membership, please contact firstclub@firstcamp.se. Upon termination of membership, all personal data that has been collected and processed in order to fulfil these membership terms will be deleted. Any remaining points become null and void when your membership is terminated.

We reserve the right to change, temporarily stop or terminate your membership:

  • If you are in breach of these membership terms or our Terms of Use for website and app, or
  • If we make changes to or discontinue our customer club.

You agree to immediately inform us of any unauthorized use of your account for getting access to My Pages. You can change or reset your password either on the website under First Camp Club/My Pages or via the app.


You do not have the right to, in whole or in part, transfer or otherwise dispose of your rights and/or obligations under these membership terms without prior written approval from us. In the same way, we do not have the right to transfer or otherwise dispose of your rights and/or obligations under these membership terms without your prior written approval. Without encumbrance of the above, we have the right to transfer our rights and obligations according to these Membership Terms without your approval to:

  • any of First Camp's affiliated companies or
  • an entity which acquires all or virtually all of First Camp's assets.

If one of our business partners goes bankrupt or otherwise is unable to fulfil its undertakings to us or our members, no retroactive claims can be made. In that case, we will establish if and how points for booked but unused stays should be transferred back to your account.

You authorise us to transfer, assign or delegate any of our rights or obligations under the membership terms within First Camp's corporate group or owners.

Amendments to Membership Terms

We have the right to make amendments to the membership terms at any time. You will always find the latest updated membership terms at en.firstcamp.se. If the amendments are of material significance you will be informed before the amendments come into effect and we will also explain the implications of the amendments.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Disputes regarding these membership terms shall be settled by Swedish law. Disputes shall be adjudicated by Swedish courts of law.

Contact Information

Do you have questions about your membership or the customer club? Do not hesitate to contact us at First Camp. Send an email to firstclub@firstcamp.se and we will help you.

To make a request to us regarding our handling of your personal data or to terminate your membership, please send an email to firstclub@firstcamp.se.