Aktivitet fiske


Discover Sweden’s beautiful west coast along the Kattegatt Trail and stay with us during your trip.

Aktivitet fiske

Outdoor life & fishing

One can explore the nature outdoors if you travel inland where there are some beautiful meadows and woods laden with mushrooms. The fishing enthusiast can enjoy salmon and trout fishing in Nissan and Fylleån, and the abundance of perch, pike and rainbow trout in the lakes. Additionally, there are about 46 nature reserves in Halmstad with assorted plants and wildlife.


Walkers have miles and miles to explore. Prince Bertil’s pathway is a 18 km coastal footpath from Halmstad Castle via Tylösand to Möllegård’s nature reserve. The pathway is well used throughout the year with its many sights, resting places and viewing spots.

Kattegattleden in Tylösand

Discover Sweden’s beautiful west coast along the Kattegatt Trail and stay with us during your trip.

Kattegattleden is Sweden’s first national cycle route, extending from Helsingborg to the south to Gothenburg in the north, has a unique seaside location and offers beautiful views along the Halland coast. The trail is 37 kilometers long, almost next to car-free and goes through small fishing villages and summer towns like Båstad, Halmstad and Varberg. Along the coast you will also pass several historic sites and interesting destinations. You cycle around Tjolöholm Castle, Varbergs Fortress and Höganäs, which are famous for their family-owned farms and vineyards.

In order to get as much of this nature experience as possible, is it no better than staying at a campsite along the way? Here you can continue to be close to nature but at the same time have the comfort that can be lovely and much needed after a day on the bike saddle. First Camp has four camps that you can visit during your trip. Stay with us here in Tylösand-Halmstad, Kärradal-Varberg, Torekov-Båstad is about 11 km from the trail and Mölle-Höganäs only 2 km from the trail.


Ginstleden 20 mile cycle path runs along the entire coast of Halland. The cycle path passes through Nissadalens wilderness, the river valley and includes a hilly terrain. The 25 mile path continues between Halmstad and Karlshamn mainly along the narrow gauge railways.

Website: Kattegattleden