Museums in Karlstad

For those interested in some cultural activity, Karlstad have many museums to visit. Spend an afternoon at the Värmland Museum, Brigade Museum or the Lerin Art Museum.


Staying at First Camp Skutberget-Karsltad is convenient to reach most things – swimming, nature, sports activities and the city with its rich culture and entertainment. Karlstad is a short distance away by car. This is a vibrant city with its lovely restaurants, bars and night clubs.

Website: Visit Karlstad

Shopping in Karlstad

For those keen on browsing the shops, there are many nice shops in the center of Karlstad. Next to the campsite is the well-known Bergvik shopping mall, a shopping paradise with over 100 shops. In the city center you can visit four shopping malls, Duvanhuset, Mitticity, Valvet and 15-huset with well known brands and small unique boutiqes.

Website: Visit Karlstad

Klässbols Linneväveri

Do you recognize the name Klässbols Linneväveri? It may well be that you heard them mentioned in connection with the Nobel banquet where they supply tablecloths and napkins every year since 1991. Linen production at Klässbols Linneväveri is located in Klässbol outside Arvika, which is approximately an hour’s drive from the campsite at Skutberget. At Klässbol you will find a shop where you can buy beautiful textiles for your home as well as Café Kaffekvarnen, which is open during the summer. In the area you can also make candy with Klässbols confectionery.

Part of Swedish history

Klässbols Linneväveri is also Royal Swedish suppliers since the 1970s and supplies the Swedish Court with exclusive table linen in the form of hand-woven tablecloths, The Royal Cloth, curtains and much more. Klässbol are known to reuse traditional beautiful patterns to create new modern textiles. An excursion to this place is a memory of life and is available regardless of season.

Website: Klässbols Linneväveri

Boat buses

Experience Karlstad with the popular boat buses, as they sail on Lake Vänern and the Klarälven delta. The waterborne lines have many departure times during the day, and the ticket price is the same as a regular ticket with the buses on land.

Website: Båtbussar

Old Hydroelectric Power Station

Today the old power station is home to a unique art gallery, musical events, and an organic café serving lunch. It exhibits many many varied formsof art by various artists, there is always a new artist exhibiting for every new season .There is also a small shop with artisan food and crafts. This is an impressive building with 11 meters high ceilings and much of the original interior still remains, offering an experiences beyond the ordinary!

Regular opening hours

28 April – 23 September
11.00-17.00 (Friday open until 01.00)

Website: Old Hydroelectric Power Station

Selma Lagerlöfs Mårbacka

The author Selma Lagerlöf was born at Mårbacka in Östra Ämtervik 1858 just south of Sunne in the heart of Värmland and is a perfect day trip from the campsite. During the year, various events will be held at Mårbacka, including Christmas at Mårbacka, Mårbackas Afternoon Tea, Ghosts walks, Selma’s birthday will be celebrated and various exhibitions on the estate.

As young, Selma decided to become a writer and perhaps best known for her debut novel, Gösta Berling’s story, Nils Holgersson’s wonderful journey through Sweden. As the first woman, she received the Nobel Prize Literature in 1909. She was also the first woman to be elected to the Swedish Academy in 1914.

Mårbacka is located approximately 60 km from Karlstad.

Website: Mårbacka

Alsters Herrgård

Alsters herrgård is a traditional Swedish 18th century manor house, situated in beautiful natural surroundings, overlooking Lake Vänern. In 1860, the great Swedish poet Gustaf Fröding was born here.

Alsters herrgård consists of several buildings and a manor park. It is closely connected to walking trails, a beach and an observation tower for bird-watching. There is a café that serves lunches and homemade breads and pastries, in addition to a number of other businesses such an art gallery, a gift shop and Slöjdens hus, which houses a craft shop as well as craft exhibitions. In December there is a christmas fair with food, market and small shops.

Website: Alsters Herrgård

Sliperiet i Borgvik

Sliperiet in Borgvik is an art gallery in Värmland and is a very popular destination during the summer. There is a modern art gallery and Sliperiet Gastronomi (Gastronomy) restaurant in the old buildings dating back to 1903. Since 2010, exhibitions of well-known artists, both Swedish and international names, have been displayed between May and September in Sliperiet. In Borgvik and around Sliperiet you can also take walks in the beautiful forest, visit antique shops and visit the guest harbor.

Sliperiets owner is no less than Oscar Magnusson, son of Sven-Erik Magnusson in Sven-Ingvars, where Oscar has also been a member since 2006.

Website: Sliperiet Borgvik