Vandring & löpning

Vandring och löpstigarna i Mora är välkända och mycket omtyckta bland både besökare, grupper och lokalbefolkning. Här finns drygt 17 mil uppmärkta leder, välj mellan längder från 1,5 km till den längsta på 90 km. Sedan finns alla distanser däremellan!

Här nedan har vi tagit fram på fina leder som du kan upptäcka i närheten av destinationen.

Siljansfors, Harkenberget

Siljansfors combines beautiful nature with exciting history. Here you can take a shorter hike while learning about forestry from the ironworks time and onwards. Along the 5-km loop on Mount Harkenberget are signs with information about the nature, forestry, and history of the mill. If you’re walking with kids, you can also choose the Knattestigen Trail. It is 1.5 km and includes several fun things for the little ones.

Zornvandringen Walk

Walk in the footsteps of Anders Zorn along a 3.5 km path through central Mora. Discover the locations where the artist used to paint and learn about his contributions to the community on the nine info signs placed along the path. 

And don’t forget to stop by the Zorn Café on your way! 

Alderängarna Meadows

The Alderängarna Meadows are a nature reserve within the municipality of Mora. The walk starts above the precipice down towards Österdalälven River and continues through the reserve down to the shoreline. Here you will find a lovely lean-to shelter, so don’t forget to pack a snack! The walk continues along the riverbank, making the occasional detour up into the forest.
The walk is easy and only slightly hilly.

Vasaloppsarenan Trail

The Vasaloppsarenan Trail is a hiking trail that follows the Vasaloppet ski race route between the towns of Sälen and Mora. Experience the famous locations along the Vasaloppet Ski Race. This trail is about 90 km. Take your time enjoying animals and nature and making frequent stops in the villages and at the hill farms.