Play golf in Kärradal

In the area around Varberg and Kärradal there are several golf courses. Next to the campsite is Kärradals short course- open during peak season – and Klosterfjordens Golf Club. A little bit further awau is Varberg Golf Club and Blixtorps Golf Club.


Kärradal’s short course on Brittas Garden is a shorter and more intensive type of golf, here you always see the hole from where you hit and the course is only a few minutes walk from the campsite, heading down to the beach. You do not need a green card to play. The resort also has a disc golf course.


Klorsterfjordens Golf Club is a seaside sidewalk at Viskan’s outlet, only 10 minutes by car from the campsite. The course has 18 tees and 9 greens. An old channel system makes the course challenging and fun for everyone. There is also a restaurant and cafe in the area.


At Varbergs Golf Club there are two different types of courses, there is the Västra Banan (western course) which has a nature with a hedge character and the Östra Banan (Eastern course) is a beautiful forest and park course next to Grimsjön. On the western course there is restaurant and there is a café on the Eastern course.


Bixtorps Golf Club is a 9-hole Pay & Play course. There is a driving range and a complete practice area for training, chipping and putting.



Kärradals korthålsbana
Klosterfjordens Golfklubb
Varbergs Golfklubb
Blixtorps Golfklubb