Besöksmål i närheten

Det finns mycket att göra på hela Öland och även i närheten av campingen. Borgholm ligger bara några kilometer bort och naturreservatet Halltorps hage alldeles intill campingen, eller varför inte ett besök vid någon av Ölands fyrar.

Attractions close to Ekerum – Öland

There is lots to do all over Öland, including near the campsite. Borgholm is only a few kilometres away, and the Halltorp Hage Nature Reserve can be found right next to the campsite. You can also visit one of Öland’s lighthouses.

Visitor Guide Öland

Öland has tonnes of exciting and fun activities for both young and old during large parts of the year!

Borgholm Castle

Visit Borgholm Castle, located only a few kilometres from our campsite. Walk around the castle rooms and sense the tide of history! Enjoy the extraordinary views of the castle alvar and the Kalmar Strait.

Borgholm concerts

During summer, the Borgholm castle hosts several concerts featuring major artists.


In a tranquil and rural setting, Kackelstugan is located a few kilometres from our destination. This is an enclosed Öland farm courtyard where you can enjoy food, beverages, and entertainment. Local beer is produced in the Kackel Brewery, and you can also find a gallery and a book publisher here. During the summer season, various cultural events and concerts are held in the Kackelstugan theatre barn.

Halltorp Hage Nature Reserve

Halltorp is internationally known for its old oaks and rare beetles. While most people come to see the giant oaks, this area has several other interesting landscapes to visit.

Bird watching

All of Öland could be described as a great place for bird watching. A birding site, to use the bird watcher’s own vocabulary.

Common to the selected “birding sites” is the fact that they are easy to find, have parking, and can withstand a high number of visitors. Some of the sites are bird protection areas with prohibited access during parts of the year. However, the County Administrative Board of Kalmar has arranged for excellent paths and areas where you can move around all year round.

Visit a lighthouse

The Långe Erik (“Tall Erik”) Lighthouse, located on the island of Stora Grundet at the northern tip of Öland, is a 32-metre tall lighthouse built of limestone. The 138 steps lead up to the balcony that sits at a height of about 28 metres.

With its 41.6 metres, Långe Jan (“Tall Jan”), located at the southern tip of Öland, is Sweden’s tallest lighthouse. The view from the top is magnificent. The lighthouse is open during spring, summer, and autumn, and has the same opening hours as Naturum.


Greby Go-Cart, located between Kalmar and Borgholm, is Öland’s newest go-cart facility.


Lådbilslandet in Löttorp on northern Öland is a soapbox facility and one of the island’s major tourist attractions. Drive a car in a real, built-up miniature city, on roads winding through the landscape.

Öland Zoo and Amusement Park

A zoo, an amusement park, and a water park all in one? Take the rare opportunity to visit three parks in one day.