Are you looking for a simple and slightly smaller cabin for one or a few days overnight? Then these cabins are a good option for you. There is room for two beds, one on each side and a small table in the middle. The cabin have electricity but if you want access to facilities such as toilet and shower, there is in the service house in the area. When you live in a Badhytt, you live close to the service house, which makes it much easier. For those who want to enjoy a little extra of the surroundings, there is an outdoor table with two chairs outside the cottage. Cabin numbers 1-19 are without a terrace and cottage numbers 30-42 have a terrace.


the bathing cabins are thus a good alternative for you who want to stay simple and a little smaller, for a cheaper price.


Deviations from the images may occur.


5sq m Area
2 Beds
1 Room(s)


Cleaning equipment
Smoking forbidden
Near the service block
Parking next to the cabin.