Bogense Swimming Pool

Opening hours:


On 10.00-15.00
The large pool opens at 09.00

At 12.30-15.00
The large pool opens at 09.00


On 09.00-16.00

On 09.00-15.00

On 10.00-17.00




Swimming pool – adult: DKK 60
Swimming pool – child (2-11 years): DKK. 50
Pensioner: DKK 50
Companion – Swimming pool: DKK. 30
10-trip card – adult: DKK 450,-
Child/pensioner 10-trip card – DKK 350,-
40 trip card – adult: DKK 1,300
40 trip card – child (2-12 years): DKK 1,000

Bath nappy – Happy Nappy: DKK 120,-


Bogense Swimming Pool welcomes everyone to a few wonderful hours in the wet element. Show up and dive into Bogense’s funnest water park. Here, the temperature is always 29 degrees, so whether it’s snowing, raining or the sun is shining, it’s always pleasant to be there. Always with a view of nature through the water park’s large panoramic windows.


There are two pools, both of which are divided into two sections. In the large pool there is a section for those who swim in shuttle speed on one side. On the other side, there are floating toys, a seesaw and a rope from the ceiling. So here you can both jump, swing and crawl. The depth at one end is 1.3 m, while at the deepest point there is 3.3 m.


If you take the winding slide to the ground floor of the water park, you end up in the warm pool there. At one end it measures 0.6 m and at the other 1.2 m. Here parents have fun with their children – from very young to slightly older. Whether you are young, old or somewhere in between, you are always welcome in the water park, which really has something to offer!


All overnight guests at First Camp have free access to the Bogense Swimming Pool.


The swimming pool’s opening hours vary depending on the season, always inform yourself about the swimming pool’s opening hours in advance.