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Experience Sweden’s first action bath!

The heart beats heavy when you step out. The rush combined with fear feels directly on the pulse. The blood of the veins flows as fast as the water in the steepest path you traveled.

The boiling point is Sweden’s first action bath: a unique experience with proprietary attractions located over eight floors in the iconic old steam power plant in Västerås.

Kokpunkten´s relaxation area

Here you relax in a hot spring with spectacular views of Lake Mälaren, or warm yourself in one of our three sauna concepts. Here are two jet streams to swim in the big pool, a sensual aroma pool, and massage streams as well as experience showers. In the relax bar you buy beer and wine, and a light snack of the season’s flavors. The entrance fee always includes a bathrobe, a seating towel for a sauna, a fresh energy shot, Wifi and Västerås maybe best view. Age limit: 18 years

Read more here: http://www.kokpunkten.se 

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