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Play golf in Tylösand

Tylösand is something of a “golf mecka” with as much as 11 golf courses! The nearest course is Halmstad Golf Club and Flygstadens Golf Club. Why not book a golf weekend at the campsite and stay in one of our lovely cabins?

At Halmstad Golf Club there are two beautiful lanes, the Northern Course and the Southern Course. Both courses are 18-hole courses. At the club lies one of Sweden’s best golf restaurants and one of the country’s largest on-course shops. Best of all, the golf course is only 2 km from the campsite.

Flygstadens Golf Club is a challenging and varied 9-hole course 10 minutes by car from the campsite in Tylösand. The course begins in a more open environment where you can look out over beautiful views and where the wind has free space, then the path ends with some more lush areas on the other side of the road. The club also offers pay and play.

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