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Lake Vänern offers good and varied fishing opportunities. One can go fishing on your own or book one of our fishing tours famous for great trolling fishing for salmon, or fish for trout and perch. One can also take a guided fishing tour where an experienced fishing guide will help you to get the best catch and give you a great tour of the archipelago.

Enjoy trolling in Lake Vänern which is Sweden’s largest and the 29th largest lake in the world. We can help you out on this sea inlet to catch your own salmon whilst at the same time enjoy the calmness of the waters with only the horizon at the far end.

The salmon and trout in Lake Vänern can grow to large sizes and many large lake salmon weighing over 10 kg have been caught each year. Lake Vänern is renowned for this kind of fishing and is even a sport for the inexperienced angler who wants to have a go.

These fishing charter tours can involve some rough weather as they go further down the lake.

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