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Sliperiet in Borgvik

Sliperiet in Borgvik is an art gallery in Värmland and is a very popular destination during the summer. There is a modern art gallery and Sliperiet Gastronomi (Gastronomy) restaurant in the old buildings dating back to 1903. Since 2010, exhibitions of well-known artists, both Swedish and international names, have been displayed between May and September in Sliperiet. In Borgvik and around Sliperiet you can also take walks in the beautiful forest, visit antique shops and visit the guest harbor.

Sliperiets owner is no less than Oscar Magnusson, son of Sven-Erik Magnusson in Sven-Ingvars, where Oscar has also been a member since 2006.


Sliperiet Borgvik


Susanne Ekmark

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