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Halland Museum of Cultural History

Halland Cultural History Museum is located in Varbergs Fortress. The remains of the Bocksten Man and his unique dress from the 14th century, as well as the Kulknappen – the shot that is assumed to have killed Carl XII – can be viewed here.

The Bocksten Man

The man found in Bocksten’s bog was an outstanding find when they found him in 1936. The man probably died between 1350-1370, which means he is almost 700 years old. For almost 600 years he was in a bog and now he is at the museum as one of the biggest sights.

Visit the museum, see the skeleton, hear about the find, the suit he wore and read the stories about him. This is a story that is exciting for the whole family!


Hallands kulturhistoriska museum


Charlotta Sandelin, Hallands kulturhistoriska museum

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