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Excursion to Åkulla beech forest

It is time for a trip in to the wild! Åkulla bokskogar (Åkulla beech forest) is located just east of Varberg and is a large wooded area filled with exciting sights, nice viewing spots and about 20 lakes and twelve nature reserves. Today it is considered to be one of Sweden’s foremost beech forest areas. There are a total of twelve hiking trails that are well marked.

Other attractions in Åkulla bokskogar are Järnmölla, Ekomuseet Björnekullen, Ästad school museum, Svartrå church, Öströö farm, which also has café activities and Bockstens mosse where they found The Bockstens Man in the 30’s.

Bexell’s speaking stones

The beech forests hide several sights and activities that can be discovered all year round. Some of the most famous are Bexell’s speaking stones from the 19th century. Alfred Bexell had two sculptors around the 19th century making various inscriptions in the stones around his estate in Torstorp, and today you can find about 160 speaking stones, most of them engraved on rocks but also on hills and rock walls. Even 560 names of more or less famous historical persons have been found in the area.

Bring your family on discovery during the holidays!

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