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Western Farm in Boden

Step into the year 1879. You’re in the middle of the wild West and the town of Shadow Creek. In Boden there is an amusement park that offers entertainment and activities that are fun for adults and children alike. The town of Shadow Creek has everything that belongs to a typical western city. Here you will find the calm sheriff Charles, the bandit Scarface, the Mexican José and school teacher Miss Nelly.

Be on your guard as you walk through the streets of the city, here you never know what’s waiting around the corner. Perhaps you get caught up in a duel with one of the city’s villains or end up in a  contest against the new builders? You can also ride the zipline in the park, 8 meters above the ground. In the city there are also activities like gun shooting, bull riding, canoeing, hunting, pony riding and much more. During the day there are also the Wild West show and the Horse show. Yeeeeha!



Western Farm

Opening hours 2019

2 July – 3 August
Tuesday – Saturday
11:00 – 17:00

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