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Visit the city of Luleå

Luleå is an exciting city with beautiful nature, history, interesting culture and sports events. For those looking for adventure and day excursions, there is so much to experience all year round. First Camp can guide you on where to find these experiences and you are welcome to talk to our staff for more tips on what you can find in the local area.

Shopping in Luleå

In Luleå there are three shopping malls, Smedjan Galleria, Strand Galleria and Shopping Galleria are the city’s malls. The latter was world-unique when it was built in the 50’s when it was the world’s first shopping center indoors. Smedjan is Luleå’s largest mall with about 30 stores. In the city center you will also find the city’s shopping streets which gives you total of over 300 stores to explore.


Visit Luleå

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