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The experiences await at Kulturens Hus

Kulturens Hus is an art gallery, tourist office, conference rooms, concert halls, café and restaurant under one roof. Here at 14000 square meters there are plenty of exhihibitions and happenings all year round. Kulturens Hus is one of Norrbotten’s most visited places. Located at Luleå’s northern port you can enjoy an unbeatable view and beautiful summer nights with the midnight sun.

The art gallery displays art with great variety, different expressions, international and national artists. Most often, contemporary art is displayed here. In three halls with a total exhibition space of 500 square meters, you will be inspired and get new impressions. There is also a studio for those who want to try to be creative themselves, both for children and adults. The concert hall features theater, concerts, dance and music performances.


Kulturens Hus

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