Aktivitet träning

Träning på First Camp

Stay tuned, soon we will present the activity program for summer 2023! Start the day with new energy! For the second year in a row, all campers can start their day in the best possible way – with an empowering, fun, and sweaty outdoor workout. From week 27 to 32 this summer, we’ll treat you to 4 free workout sessions a week! Isn’t fitness + camping a really great combo? We sure think so. This summer’s workout sessions include different forms of training spread over four days a week. Both young and old campers are welcome – you go at your own pace and according to your own ability. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an avid gym v

Träningsprogram vecka 27-32

10:00 Cirkelträning

10:00 Yoga

12:30 Yoga

12:30 Cirkelträning

Ansia - Lycksele

Ansia – Lycksele

First Camp Ansia – Lycksele is a lovely premium destination in northern Sweden. Ansia is a family campsite in the true sense of the word, with its own beach and several playgrounds for children.

Arcus – Luleå

First Camp Arcus – Luleå is open all year round. Here one can expect a unique natural life, so come equipped with your fishing rods and you could find lavaret (white fish), trout and pike in the Lule river to take home for your evening dinner.

Björknäs - Boden vinter

Björknäs – Boden

Welcome to our idyllic campsite, First Camp Björknäs – Boden, which is open year-round.

Moraparken - Dalarna vinter

Moraparken – Dalarna

Beautifully situated by the Österdalälven River, our scenic, year-round open campsite enjoys a central location between city, lake, and nature

Nydala – Umeå

Välkommen till vackra Norrlandskusten och First Camp Nydala – Umeå som håller öppet året runt för dig!

Orsa - Dalarna vinter

Orsa – Dalarna

I vackra Orsa kan du semestra året runt! Med stort aktivitetsutbud, restauranger, camping, stugor och vandrarhem finns något för alla!

Siljansbadet – Rättvik

Fyrstjärniga Siljansbadet ligger längs med Siljans långgrunda och badvänliga sandstrand. Det är en perfekt plats för härliga bad, spännande familjeaktiviteter och middagar i solnedgången vid vattnet.

Bredsand – Enköping

With its beautiful surrounding nature First Camp Bredsand – Enköping, invites the whole family to a holiday focused on recreation.

Edsvik – Grebbestad

First Camp Edsvik – Grebbestad is a popular family camping site located on the outskirts of Grebbestad in Bohuslän. The area is surrounded by beautiful nature and it is not difficult to understand why the coastline of Bohuslän is one of Sweden’s most visited places by tourists.

Ekudden – Mariestad

By the beach of lake Vänern amongst the beautiful old oak trees you will find First Camp Ekudden – Mariestad with so much to offer.

Gränna – Vättern

A 4-star campsite with +400 pitches and a lovely holiday village right by the water in the home of the peppermint candy cane, Gränna is impossible not to love

Hökensås - Tidaholm

Hökensås – Tidaholm

First Camp Hökensås outside of Tidaholm is the dream holiday spot for those who like nature, fishing and hiking. The camping site is beautifully located in a national park by the beach of lake Vättern. The area is very popular to fish trout and rainbow trout in.

Kolmården - norrköping restaurang

Kolmården – Norrköping

Looking for your next adventure? Welcome to our campsite in Kolmården! Every year, thousands of young explorers come with their families to First Camp Kolmården – Norrköping. The campsite is located only 4 km from the largest zoo in the Nordic Region and the Kolmården Tropicarium.

Nickstabadet – Nynäshamn

First Camp Nickstabadet – Nynäshamn is located close to Nynäshamns popular beach. With a good atmosphere and many fun activities this is a place for the whole family to enjoy their holiday. You will reach the city of Stockholm within an hour by car and if you would like also go by ferry to Gotland, Poland and Latvia.

Skutberget – Karlstad

Our campsite is located in the beautiful area of Skutberget in Karlstad. Only ten minutes from Karlstad City is First Camp Skutberget – Karlstad, where you can stay in a scenic setting on the beautiful shore of Lake Vänern.

Solvik – Kungshamn

Not many things compare to the sea view from First Camp Solvik – Kungshamn. Here you camp royally with Bohuslän and Best Coast at your feet.