Your guide to Skåne

10 utflyktstips för din campingsemester

With the sea in three different directions, a rolling, patchwork-like landscape to the south, and breathtaking heights to the north, Skåne is entirely unique. No matter what campground you choose, any day trip by car, or even bicycle, will take you far. Whatever your transportation, your camping holiday in Skåne will definitely be the highlight of the year!

Our top 10 places to visit!

1. Österlen

Beautiful Österlen has a lot to offer. Swedes flocks to the southeast coast of Skåne all year round to experience something a little out of the ordinary. At Österlen, you’ll find Sandhammaren, a 12-kilometre long beach with sand as white as a tropical paradise. Further up the coastline, just outside Kivik, is Stenshuvud National Park, a popular destination with excellent hiking trails and panoramic views. Interested in art? There are numerous galleries and studios that welcome visitors.

2. Kivik

The Apple Kingdom of Kivik is also an idyllic fishing village. Kivik is a must-see on any day trip through Österlen. And why not stop by the Musteri fruit farm and buy some cider for supper at the campsite? That is, after all, what Kivik is famous for. It takes no more 40 minutes from Åhus-Kristianstad to reach this delightful apple kingdom.

3. Kåseberga and Ales Stenar

Ales Stenar (Ale’s Stones) is Sweden’s largest preserved stone ship, and one of its most legendary attractions. No one knows who raised this megalithic monument, or why, around 1400 years ago. You can find it on the hill above the harbour in Kåseberga, and the site is well worth a visit!

4. Kullaberg

Kullaberg Nature Reserve, with its breathtaking heights offers a new level of nature experiences. A dramatic landscape towers above the sea with its plunging cliffs and a stunning views of Öresund. The area also offers caves to explore, and Kullaberg is a must for MTB fans. For those who prefer less adventure or who would rather discover nature on foot, there are plenty of good hiking trails to follow. The campground Mölle-Höganäs is in walking distance to the nature reserve.

5. Skåne’s splendid castle

Visitors fascinated by history or architecture, or who simply want an exciting day trip should have castle sightseeing on their to-do list. One of the most famous is Glimmingehus, mentioned in the classic Nils Holgersson stories. This medieval castle is located near Simrishamn. Malmöhus is another favourite, located in the centre of Malmö, and the perfect day trip for guests camping at Sibbarp-Malmö. A quick Google will give you other tips for interesting castles in Skåne.

6. Smygehuk

Sweden’s southernmost point. This is Smygehuk. Have a drink at the harbour, enjoy the view from the lighthouse out on the point, and perhaps visit Köpmansmagasinet, a renovated merchant warehouse, for a bite to eat.

7. Skåne Zoo

Great for the kids! The zoo has more than 1000 Nordic animals. Scout out the king of the forest (moose), search for foxes, and visit the animals in the petting zoo. Kids aren’t the only visitors having fun here. We promise this will quickly become a place the whole family will love. Remember to plan your visit in advance and book tickets on the zoo’s website. Bring binoculars for a better look at the animals! It takes just 25 minutes by car from Röstånga-Söderåsen.

8. Hiking in Skåne

Hiking in Skåne offers a variety of experiences and environments. Walk across the coastal cliffs, along the vast beaches, through lush deciduous forests, or by rolling fields. Perhaps combine them for a day trip? The Skåneleden trail (1300 kilometres) has plenty of options. The first stage SL1 leads through Båstad, Torekov and Grevie. Perfect for a day hike, when camping at Torekov-Båstad. Click here to read more about walking in Skåne and the Skåneleden trail.

9. Flea markets in Skåne

Skåne is brimming with flea markets and second-hand shops of all kinds. Simply make a detour from one of the major roads, and you’ll see sign after sign showing the way. Those who love antique shops won’t be disappointed either. There is plenty of antiquing to be done in Malmö and other places as well.

10. Söderåsens National Park

Next door to Röstånga-Söderåsen is Skåne’s National Park. This is a spectacular area that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. The park is popular among hikers and backpackers, which is hardly surprising. Wander through ancient beech forests and picturesque valleys. Hike up to the top of Kopparhatten for a stunning view of the park. You won’t be disappointed.

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