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Road Trip Routes

Inspiration for your next road trip

Sweden has lots of amazing things to discover. Along our beautiful roads you will find everything from breathtaking nature and historical sights to exciting tourist destinations, vibrant cities and of coure – cozy campsites. Get yourself some nice company, push everyone into the car, camper or caravan, and off you go! While on the roads of Sweden you’ll be just as free as a bird. With the comfort of your own litte nest at all times. Wait… does it even get any better?

With camping you get more from your holiday and the opportunities of  finding new experiences are close to endless along the roads of Sweden. Join in on the adventure and get inspired by our routes suggesting what road to drive on to next, destinations and sights along the way.

And hey, book your road trip with Flex – this way you can rebook or cancel up until 15:00 the day prior to arrival. With other words – plenty of flexibility for a detour or an extra day at your newly found favourite spot.

Join the adventure 👇🏼

Route 1

Through Denmark and southern Sweden

Join us from the west coast of Denmark, across Öresund and through the idyllic landscapes of Skåne and Blekinge.

Route 2

South west Sweden and Gothenburg

Enjoy pleasant days along the Riviera of Halland, classic tourist destinations, fun excursions and city pulse.

Resplan 3

West Sweden and Bohuslän

Discover our “Best Coast”, shopping, hidden Värmland gems, and who knows, maybe you take an east bound trip on the Göta Canal?

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