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Get to know the lucky animal Yessi!

Meet the world’s kindest lucky animal Yessi and her friend ZumZum the bumblebee at our campsites this summer! Here you can read her story, or listen to it, to get to know her even better. By the way….Yessi has even got her own song! Listen to it here.

More about Yessi and the Kids Club

Do you know what a “lucky animal” is?

They are very unusual, but if you are lucky enough to meet one, you will recognise it by the heart-shaped pattern on its forehead. Make sure you give that animal a hug* as it will bring you luck! It’s luck that you can store away and bring out whenever you need it!

A lucky animal can be any sort, for example a deer, a bumblebee, a frog, a mouse or a moose. But here in a tree near this campsite lives a lucky squirrel! Her name is Yessi!

Sometimes Yessi comes down from the forest. She likes to see if any new children have arrived at the campsite. She loves to greet them and go on adventures together. She collects friends you see and would love to have even more! “I’ve got the worlds best collection of friends!” she usually says.

Yes, Yessi is a real collector. She collects pinecones, recyclable art, clay figures, adventures, fun times, funny stories, and last but not least, campsites she’s been to. She has a map where she marks where she’s visited.

Yessi’s power to spread luck to others means that she has to collect lots of luck herself. She does that by doing things that make her happy! Hang out with Yessi when she dances, has fun, goes on adventures, learns new things about the surrounding nature and looks after our environment.

A lucky animal is always drawn to places where people gather, in the here and now, together. That’s why Yessi has chosen our campsite as her favourite place to be. She says, “When you are all together and caring about each other, I love to be with you because the air becomes alive like magic!”

I hope she turns up when you’re here visiting us! You might even get to meet her mini friend, the lucky bumblebee ZumZum, who always has something smart to say! And don’t forget to ask Yessi for a big hug!!

*Of course Yessi follows the Swedish Health Authority guidelines and we reserve the right to change things in the kids club programme. First Camp and Yessi care about our friends and health and safety always comes first.

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