Terms & Conditions for Points and FAQ

As a member of First Camp Club, you earn points on your bookings, which you can then use to pay for future bookings. Perfect for anyone who wants to discover more of the wonderful camping life by being able to book a new adventure at a better price! Below you can read more about the terms & conditions for our points system, and how you can easily arrange post-registration of your points when necessary. At the bottom of the page you will also find an FAQ section with answers to the most common questions regarding First Camp Club.

Terms & Conditions for Points

  • The points you earn are valid for three years. For example, the points you earn during 2022 are saved until the end of 2024 (i.e. until 31 December 2024)
  • You earn points at all our Swedish and Danish destinations, the points are calculated in the same way regardless of the local currency SEK/DKK/NOK you pay in
  • You earn points on all accommodation bookings at the regular price, including cabin, camping bookings, hotel and glamping
  • You can use your earned and saved points to pay for new bookings. Valid at all Swedish, Danish and Norwegian destinations.
  • You will automatically be upgraded to the First Camp Gold membership level when you have earned at least 500 points during the year. You will remain a member of First Camp Gold until the turn of the year the following year. For example. if you have earned 500 points in July 2022, you will remain a gold member until the turn of the year 31 December 2023.
  • Only bookings made directly with First Camp qualify for points
  • The points are allocated to your account once you have checked out after your stay
  • Points are not awarded on discounted prices, such as monthly and seasonal prices or corporate bookings. If you need to rebook and/or cancel, only valid points are transferred back to your First Camp Club account (expired points cannot be reused) and they keep their original expiry date. Applies only to bookings with Flex
  • Points are not awarded on discounted offers/campaigns or discount codes
  • Points are not awarded for bookings where check-out took place before active membership (registered & confirmed) in First Camp Club
  • Bookings (accommodation) that are paid for with existing points, or that are partially paid for with existing points, do not qualify for points

When you become a member of First Camp Club, you consent to us sending you unique mailings with details of special offers and discounts. Here you can find our Terms of UseTerms of Membership and Privacy Policy, in which we describe how we collect your data and how this data is used and processed to ensure that you receive the best possible user experience.

Post-registration of bonus points

Did you not receive any bonus points for your latest camping stay? We will be pleased to assist you with post-registration of bonus points for stays up to six months back in time – please note that you must have been a member during this period.

Support and club questions

Do you have questions regarding your membership or First Camp Club? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at First Camp. Just send an email to our support department at firstclub@firstcamp.se and we will be pleased to help you.

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