The Pearl of Isefjord
Holbæk is located on the shore of Holbæk Fjord, a part of Isefjord and the starting point for much natural sightseeing, especially Orø. Orø is an unspoiled idyll. Enjoy a delightful boat trip with one of the two ferries to the naturally beautiful island, known for its many hiking trails. Study breeding grounds for waterfowl and waders and enjoy delicacies at Marliese’s Farm Café.


The first official mention of Holbæk is in a letter from Absalon in 1199, in which he bequeaths most of his property to Sorø Abbey Church. The town is described as Holbækgaard, a large farm belonging to a nobleman, around which a town gradually grew up. In 1236, King Waldemar began building Holbæk Castle.


Living museums
Holbæk boasts a wide range of interactive attractions; living museums that convey the past, present and future in an entertaining, educational manner. A visit to the Brorfelde Observatory, nationally famous through Danish Television’s ‘Christmas stars’ Advent calendar, can help you learn more about the universe. How did the universe come about? Why are there stars? And what do the planets mean for us? Evenings offer star-spangled heavens, piquing curiosity and the imagination. Come daylight, the hills invite you to explore nature and learn more about everything between heaven and earth. The Brorfelde Observatory has been open as a living communication centre since the summer of 2015.


When my great-grandfather was a boy
As its name suggests, the Nyvang cooperative village is a journey back in time to the cooperative period (1870-1950). There is a mill, a smithy, a butcher, dairy, smallholding, a church and a farm labourer etc. from the time when my great-grandfather was a boy. Many different activities are arranged all year round aimed at keeping up the rural traditions of yore for the whole family. Holbæk Museum is a unique complex containing 12 old buildings in the heart of Holbæk – see old farmhouses, the merchant’s mentioned and a large collection of ceramics. Hestebedgård Museum on Orø shows an old building in Bybjerg, a hamlet more than 1,000 years old, in a narrow street with many old houses.


Elves and pixies
Did you know that the world’s greatest Pixie realm, namely Mørkøv, is located in Holbæk? It is one of the most popular sites in the area at Christmas. You can enjoy home-made Christmas delicacies as well as admire and buy Christmas decorations. The Svinninge Model Railway with its 2 km of tracks is one of the longest in Europe. It has around 30 stations, 182 locomotives, 907 carriages, 598 points and about 150 km of wiring. An exciting experience for children of all ages.