Wild about Vikings
Not far from the campsite, a little west of Slagelse, is the Viking fortress Trelleborg, one of Denmark’s most important monuments from the Viking Age. It is no less a person than Harald Bluetooth’s ring fortress from the end of the 10th century. Roskilde is home to five original Viking ships. From May through September, you can also sail in a Viking ship on Roskilde Fjord. You can dress up as Vikings and wield heavy swords. See how a Viking ship is built or try your hand at various handicrafts from that era.


Fun and golf
If you like amusements of the more modern kind, Sommerland Sjælland is about half an hour’s drive from the campsite. There are loads of activities for the whole family and Zealand’s largest water park. You can buy tickets in the campsite information, to save time queuing! BonBon-Land is another option for people looking for family-friendly attractions in central Zealand. If you ask the kids, it’s the perfect place for the funnest day of the year. There are more than 60 rides for both adults and children. While it’s full speed ahead on the Wild Boar, the kids can also enjoy it: there are loads of great rides for the smallest children. If you want to play golf, the Central Zealand Golf Club (Midsjællands Golklub) is worth a visit – the course is always in good shape with a mix of difficult and easier holes. There’s water to negotiate on 14 of the 18 holes and short distances between the green and the tee. When you stay overnight at Tempelkrogen’s Family Camping, you get a 20% discount on the use of the golf club’s facilities, which also includes a gym.


Zoological Gardens
At ZOOPARK you can admire the rare white tiger Elvis, encounter cheeky monkeys, see huge boa constrictors and many other fun or dangerous animals. Modern zoos prioritize animal welfare. The animals have spacious natural enclosures where they live as naturally as possible and are exercised daily. Bring a lunch basket and enjoy a picnic in the garden by the lake shore.