Museum och sevärdheter

Res tillbaka i tiden och upptäck hur Bohuslän såg ut under bronsåldern. I Tanum har människor för tusentals år sedan ristat in bilder på klipporna och denna samling av bilder är unik av sitt slag, och därför med på Unescos världsarvslista.

Skulle historia inte locka, finns det alltid tid att uppleva Smögen och Smögenbryggan. Ikoniskt för västkusten.

Visit Vitlycke museum and Tanums rock carvings

Vitlycke museum is a knowledge and experience center in Tanum World Heritage site – an area of about 600 rock art sites. Here you can experience world class rock art and explore the Bronze Age world.

The Bronze Age farm

At the farm you can experience the rock carver’s daily life. During the summer you can visit the two longhouses from the Early and Late Bronze Age. In the workshop we show handicrafts such as dyeing and bronze casting during the summer. At the farm you can also meet the animals that used to live here like sheep and pigs.

Tanums rock carvings

The most frequently visited of the rock art sites in the Tanum World Heritage area is the Vitlycke panel, which lies 200 m from the museum. Here you will find among other things Bohuslän’s most famous carving – the Bridal Couple also called the Holy wedding. You can also visit the carvings at Fossum, Litsleby and Aspeberget.

Skräddö – a gateway to the Tanum World Heritage

Skräddö is a rare combination of a resting stop, a World Heritage exhibition and a time machine that takes us back to the world of the Bronze Age.

Website: Vitlycke museum

Photo: Ian Schemper

Visit the Nordic Watercolor Museum

South of Solvik is the beautiful island of Tjörn with its Watercolor Museum. The museum is located right on the coast partly on land but also partly in the water and it takes about 1.5 hours by car from First Camp in Solvik. Since the beginning of 2000, the Watercolor Museum has shown world-class art such as Salvador Dali and Louise Bourgeois, as well as Nordic favorites such as Anders Zorn and Lars Lerin.

At the museum you can eat in the restaurant, settle down in the open workshop and paint for a while, go for a lecture or just enjoy the art displayed in the current exhibitions. Here you can also go on a guided tour. The museum shop contains a solid assortment of watercolor accessories, art books, posters, catalogs of exhibitions and much more.


Nordic Watercolor Museum

Foto: Christer Hallgren

Discover Kungshamn

The coastal community Kungshamn is a really cozy summer city. During the summer there is always something to do. You can for an example take a short boat trip from Kungshamn to Smögen, and you can also take a car or bike to Smögen via the bridge.

In the small streets of Kungshamn you will find everything from small charming interior stores to children’s clothing and fashion stores. There are also cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy all the delights of the sea in the typical west coast environment. For those who want even more life and movement, a visit to Smögenbryggan is a good option, where the streets are crowded among cozy fishing booths, restaurants and shops. Later in the evenings there are bars and nightclubs to visit, and in the summer there are also a number of music festivals and live performers visiting the area.

The promenade in Kungshamn

The promenade in Kungshamn is a walkway which extends from Abbas factory right through Kungshamns center and is a very pleasant walk on a sunny summer day.
You walk under Smögenbryggan (the Smögen bridge), past cozy restaurants, boats and bathing places. There is a stairway to reach the bridge with beautiful views of Kungshamn and Smögen.



Visit Smögen

First Camp Solvik-Kungshamn is located in the heart of Bohuslän, a landscape with a unique archipelago and a vibrant coast and boating life. Take the opportunity to visit some of the small archipelago communities near the camping: Smögen, Kungshamn or Hunnebostrand.


The boardwalk at Smögen is in the summertime one of Sweden´s most popular tourist destinations. It is located along the south side of Smögen´s old fishing port. The wooden boardwalk which is about 1000 metres long starts at the fishmarket in the eastern part of the harbour. It has a huge variety of shops, cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating.

Website: Smögenbryggan