Try Glamping at First Camp Råbjerg Mile – Skagen

Glamping combines the best of both worlds. A glamping tent is like a combination of traditional camping and sleeping in a cabin. An extraordinary experience of a tent with comfortable beds and a private terrace. When you spend the night at First Camp Råbjerg Mile – Skagen, you will experience nature at close hand. The site is unsurpassed: close to the huge sand dune known as Råbjerg Mile. Best of all, you won’t need to grapple with putting the tent away.


All you need to bring is yourself, your close family, and clothes for the trip. Everything else is here for you. Glamping is the type of holiday that suits nature-lovers and campers with a penchant for fresh air. But it also caters for people who are fond of their creature comforts. Welcome to our lovely, modern glamping tents at the very north of Denmark, near Råbjerg Mile. Perfect for couples, families or groups of friends. The destination also offers accommodation in lovely cabins, chalets, camping and pitches for tents.


Changeover days for cabins at First Camp Råbjerg Mile
Glamping tent: Saturday – Saturday