All around us there are exciting remnants left by our forefathers. Magnificent monuments, mysterious structures and other spectacular sights are never far away. Are you interested in exploring captivating locations and our cultural and historical heritage? Let us guide you on your next journey through time!

Gammel Estrup

At Gl. Estrup – the Manor Museum at Auning, you can visit exhibitions about the cultural history of the manors, based on the castle's original inventory. You can also stop by the Danish Museum of Agriculture, in the manor's farm buildings.

Fregatten Jylland

Steam frigate Jylland
Enjoy the amazing view of Ebeltoft bay and the Mols hills, as you explore the beautifully-reproduced maritime environment of the Frigate Island, where the world's longest wooden ship, the Jylland, lies surrounded by the museum and café, a wooden shipyard and the lightship Fyrskib XXI.

Rosenholm slot

Rosenholm Castle has not been laid out like a museum, but rather like a stately home, exactly how it was when it was still inhabited, only a generation ago. There are examples of the way Denmark's leading noble family lived over a period of nearly 450 years.

Clausholm Slot

Amid the beautiful scenery of Jutland, just south of Randers and only 30 minutes' drive from Aarhus, you will find Clausholm Castle & Park – one of the most beautiful and complete baroque locations in the country. The castle grounds are open to visitors all through the summer, and the castle itself is open throughout July and the first week in August.

Graceland Randers

Graceland Randers is a new venue, inspired by the home of Elvis Presley: Graceland in Memphis. Graceland Randers is Elvis Nostalgia, Elvis Museum and Elvis Shop. But Graceland Randers is also an American diner, mini cinema, and souvenir shop.

Model railway Europa

The railway is situated in the Hadsten Centre, and comprises over 1000 metres of track running through exciting mountain landscapes, tunnels and bridges – it's just like a trip through Southern Jutland, with model trains ranging from the turn of the previous century to this very day.

The Old Town (Aarhus)

The Old Town is a living picture of real life in a merchant town in the days of Hans Christian Andersen. In its streets, living rooms, kitchens and gardens, you can meet some of the people who lived here in the 1800s. It includes “living” museums, historical shops, gardens and large exhibitions.Every ear, the Old Town celebrates Christmas by means of “living history” and exhibitions.

Moesgård Museum

If prehistoric exhibitions about archaeology and social anthropology sound like just the thing for you, then Moesgård Museum is an excellent choice. The permanent exhibition consists of five sections: the Stone Age in Denmark; the Grauballe Man and the magic bog; Illerup Ådal: the face of the enemy; the Rune hall with its unique collection of runestones; and Aarhus in the Viking Age.

The Occupation Museum in Aarhus

The Museum shows both peaceful and dramatic events in Aarhus during the German occupation: everyday life, restrictions, humour, German military equipment, Allied, Nazi and Danish propaganda and Nazi aggression against the civilian population. Everything is illustrated with original objects, documents, photos, plates and tableaux.

Natural History Museum

Go on a voyage of discovery through times gone by – their animals, nature, landscapes and biology. Improve your mind as you enjoy the beautiful and inspiring exhibition, which so richly illustrates the history of our flora and fauna.

Steno Museet

The museum's cultural-historical collections show how medicine and natural science have developed over the years. Alongside the exhibitions, you can also visit a planetarium and a historical medicinal herb garden, or browse the museum shop and rest your feet in the café.

Aros Aarhus Kunstmuseum

ARoS Aarhus art museum is one of the largest of its kind in northern Europe. Its 17,700 m² contain works from the Danish Golden Age through to the 21st century, along with a range of changing exhibitions.

Bo Bendixen

The Bo Bendixen gallery is the town's unique gift shop. Here you can choose from a wide range of products by the internationally renowned Danish designer Bo Bendixen, expressing the Scandinavian lifestyle and landscape in colourful designs on T-shirts, towels, swimwear, jugs, posters, postcards, etc.

Glass Museum Ebeltoft

Expect to learn a lot about glass when you visit the glass museum in Ebeltoft. Discover exhibitions, activities, a working studio and a shop full of enchanting glass artwork, with something for everyone.

The Concert Hall Aarhus

Concert Hall Aarhus is home to the (Danish) Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, the Jyske Opera, the children's theatre Filuren, and Musikhuset Aarhus itself. Shows and concerts of all types are available at the Concert Hall.

Aarhus Jazz Festival

The Jazz festival presents new quality jazz talents and music all over Aarhus. The festival is organised by the town's various music venues, cafés and the like, and the whole town gets involved for the eight Jazz days in July.

Aarhus Festival Week

The Festival week is one of the largest and most respected festivals of art and culture in Northern Europe, with an outstanding programme of rhythmic and classical music, theatre, film, new technology, food, children's culture, architecture and design.The Festival week will begin in end of August / Start of September.