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Västana Teater

BerättarLadan (the Storytelling Barn) is one of Sweden’s largest summer theatres. Västanå Theatre puts up productions here every summer from Midsummer to the beginning of September. Brilliant performances with inspiration from folk music, dance, and storytelling. 

Berättarladan seats 500 people and welcomes about 25,000 visitors every year. Performances aside, Berättarladan is an attraction all in itself. Since 2009, this is the regional theatre of Värmland County and thus a county institution. Artistic Director and Theatre Director is Leif Stinnerbom.

As Västanå Theatre celebrates 50 years, they have chosen to create a sparkling cavalcade performance where Västanå Theatre meets Selma Lagerlöf. Scenes are taken from every one of their Lagerlöf productions to clearly convey their shared love for storytelling, music, dance, and theatre art. Throughout her life, Selma Lagerlöf took a great interest in the theatre, and as a prose writer, she focuses on creating scenes and tableaux, where the narrative is largely passed on through spoken lines.

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