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Discover Kungshamn

The coastal community Kungshamn is a really cozy summer city. During the summer there is always something to do. You can for an example take a short boat trip from Kungshamn to Smögen, and you can also take a car or bike to Smögen via the bridge.

In the small streets of Kungshamn you will find everything from small charming interior stores to children’s clothing and fashion stores. There are also cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy all the delights of the sea in the typical west coast environment. For those who want even more life and movement, a visit to Smögenbryggan is a good option, where the streets are crowded among cozy fishing booths, restaurants and shops. Later in the evenings there are bars and nightclubs to visit, and in the summer there are also a number of music festivals and live performers visiting the area.

The promenade in Kungshamn

The promenade in Kungshamn is a walkway which extends from Abbas factory right through Kungshamns center and is a very pleasant walk on a sunny summer day.
You walk under Smögenbryggan (the Smögen bridge), past cozy restaurants, boats and bathing places. There is a stairway to reach the bridge with beautiful views of Kungshamn and Smögen.



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