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Discover Ramsvikslandet

Ramsvikland is only a few kilometers away from First Camp Solvik-Kungshamn and is located about 10 kilometers north of Smögen. Here you will be able to discover the beautiful Bohuslän coast in one of the county’s most visited nature reserves. Look out over beautiful views where the salty sea splashes against the cliffs and discover a unique landscape characterized by the ocean and the wind’s influence. Ramsvikland is also called “The Kingdom of the cliffs” thanks to all the cliffs. In Ramsvikslandet there are several sights worth a visit.


Sotekanalen was completed in 1935 . The canal is a 4.8 km long buried canal through the Ramsvik country and you who go through the canal can experience a beautiful nature and are well protected from the wind.

Tryggö and King Tryggves grave

The beautiful island of Tryggö is located at the inlet of Sotekanal. The nature is characterized by flowers and leafy valleys, and there is a cozy beach where you can go for a swim between Ramsvik and Tryggö. At the top of the island there is a mighty monument, a grave that belongs to King Tryggve.

Mother Lenas cabin

Mother Lenas cabin is also called Pascha’s cabin and was built in the 18th century. The cottage is located on a slope towards the Sotekanalen about 600 meters north of the bridge, and here lived a widow in the 19th century with her children. It is said that Mother Lena lived here with her eight children. Take a look at the cabin and see how you think they might have been able to live there all together in such a small space.



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