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Destinations nearby

Rättvik and its surroundings offer a lot to see and discover. Read more on Rättvik Municipality’s website for further tips on places to visit! Here, we have compiled a list of some tips. Click on each link to read more.

Dalatravet Rättvik Trotting Course

About 3 km from the campsite you will find the Dalatravet Rättvik trotting course.


Dalhalla, located about 9 km from the campsite, is an internationally recognised venue, described as one of the most mighty and beautiful outdoor arenas in Europe. Dalhalla is a former limestone quarry in the middle of the forest outside Rättvik, where mining ceased for good in 1990.

Orsa Predator Park

A very popular destination is Orsa Predator Park, located about 60 km from the campsite.


A highly cherished destination for both adults and children. Santaworld is about 55 km away from the campsite and many fun things take place there all year round!

Dalahorse manufacturing

Dalahorse production in Nusnäs is a popular destination among visitors from all over the world. See how a real Dalahorse is made and make sure to buy a real one to bring home with you. Nusnäs is located about 30 km from your destination


Zorngården was once the home of spouses Anders and Emma Zorn in Mora. Today, the host couple are gone, but the house continues to welcome new visitors. Guided tours take place six days a week and every day during the summer. In the summer, there is a tour of Zorn’s old farm where you can go back in time and visit the Textile Chamber.

Rittsjö Ceramics

An excellent tip for those who like crafts and ceramics. Visit Nittjö Ceramics which is located about 7 km from your destination.

Falun mine

About 49 km from your destination, you will find Falun Mine. A genuine cultural destination that attracts many visitors. As Christmas draws near, a cosy Christmas market is arranged here.

Vasaloppet Museum

A safe card for those who love cross-country skiing and Vasaloppet. Geek down in history and learn all about Vasaloppet!

Siljan Geopark

A meteorite hit the Earth about 380 million years ago and the blast created what we today call the Siljan Ring. You can learn about this and much more at Siljan Geopark.

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