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Bucketlist around Siljan

Your checklist for exciting destinations!

Siljan region offers plenty of things to experience. Why not try to check off items on our bucket list during your stay?


  • Experience Styggforsen, which is perhaps one of Dalarna’s funniest and most beautiful reserves to visit. There is interesting geology with steep cliffs, beautiful views, exciting vegetation and a high waterfall.
  • Visit Springkällan,a natural water source about 6 kilometres north of Rättvik. You can get to Springkällan by car or by walking along the hiking trail Enåleden, which starts from Rättviks Camping.
  • Take a walk on Långbryggan,a 625 metre long pier, built as a landing point for the steamship “S/S Rättvik” which used to traffic Lake Siljan until 1950s. Today, it is M/S Gustaf Wasa, since 1876, docking at the end of Långbryggan
  • High and Low Climbing park suitable for the whole family. Here you can play, exercise, climb and test your limits at the same time! In the climbing park next to Rättviks Camping you will find several exciting obstacles and ziplines with varying degrees of difficulty.


  • Hell’s Fall is a canyon formed by the Ämån river, located about 25 kilometres north of Orsa. Its rock walls are about 30 meters high and you can see the remains of old anchors there.
  • Canoeing on Lake Rädsjön, about 15 kilometres from Orsa Camping. Rädsjön is located in Orsa Grönklitt, a complete outdoor facility located 561 metres above sea level. Rentals are available at Längdcentrum in Orsa Grönklitt.
  • Östra Grunuberg Fäbod  is a livestock mountain pasture located about 12 km east of Oljonsbyn in Orsa. During the summer there are cows, sheep, horses, goats, dogs, cats and chickens on summer pasture here.
  • Experience Hansjö,a beautiful village 5 km from Orsa. Here you can find Hansjö Mejeri, Hansjö Lanthandel and Solsyran.

Mora, Sweden

  • The Troll & Clown Trail is located just outside Mora Centrum in Östnor. Here, children can make their way through the forest and pass through fun stations and obstacles along the way. There is also a place for coffee and opportunity to grill sausages.
  • Dalahorse production in Nusnäs The red Dalahorse is a well-known symbol of both Sweden and Dalarna. Even today, the original is produced in the village of Nusnäs, about 10 kilometres from Mora. Here, you can visit the Dalahorse factories and see how the production goes.
  • Alderängarna is a nature reserve with an area of 115 hectares, located north of Mora. Apart from the river, the area also offers pebble beaches, meadows, springs and marshes. Within the reserve there are chances of spotting beaver, otter and lynx There is also a lean-to at a very scenic location.

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