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Visit Umeå

The bus ride to Umeå City takes only 10 minutes. The main shopping area is right in the heart of the city which also has three shopping malls, MVG, Sagagallerian and Utopia. It is easy to access all the city has to offer. Umeå is a vibrant city and has a rich cultural life including concerts and a wide range of events, restaurants, museums and much more.

Shopping in Umeå

In Umeå there are several nice shopping streets where you will find the most well-known stores but also unique small shops that you only find in Umeå. There are also a few malls, Avion shopping is located on the outskirts of the city with over 80 stores and MVG, Utopia and Sagagallerian malls. You will find everything from fashion, toys, home furnishings, furnishings and more.


Visit Umeå

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