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Visit Älgens Hus

Älgens Hus (The Moose’s house) is Europe’s first moose park with tama moose where you as visitor can enter the moose and even clap them. Big and small can be fascinated by the king of the forest in a way that has never been possible, and you will find the adventure only 7 miles from First Camp Nydala-Umeå in a beautifully located town west of Bjurholm.

At Älgens Hus there is also a museum and the guides here will tell you everything that is worth knowing about the king of the forest. When you’re here, you’ll even be able to sit on a big moose in addition to pat the elk. If you visit Älgens Hus, you can also meet the little cute moose calves during the summer.

There is also a restaurant with wildlife theme at the resort. The elk is milked and the milk produces moose cheese which is often included in the restaurant’s menus. Definitely worth a try when you are here.

During the winter there are also these activities in the area:

  • Snowmobile
  • Ice fishing
  • Bath & sauna

In summer you can also try these activities:

  • Paintball
  • Quad bike Safari
  • Fishing boat trips
  • Canoeing
  • Bath & sauna

The wide range of activities all year round makes Älgens Hus a popular tourist attraction for the whole family, regardless of the season.


Älgens Hus

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