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Kattegattleden in Mölle

Discover Sweden’s beautiful west coast along Kattegattleden and stay with us during your trip!

Kattegattleden is Sweden’s first national cycle route, extending from Helsingborg in the south to Gothenburg in the north, has a unique seaside location and offers beautiful views along the Halland coast. The trail is 37 kilometers long, almost next to car-free and goes through small fishing villages and summer towns like Båstad, Halmstad and Varberg. Along the coast you will also pass several historic sites and interesting destinations. You cycle around Tjolöholm Castle, Varbergs Fortress and Höganäs, which are famous for their family-owned farms and vineyards.

Kattegattleden passes four of First Camp’s destinations, where Mölle-Höganäs is only 2 km from the trail. The route also passes by Kärradal-Varberg and Tylösand-Halmastad, where two of First Camp’s destinations are located. Bicycling further south past Mölle you will find Torekov-Båstad on the idyllic Bjäre Peninsula, about 11 km from the trail.




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