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An excursion to Norrköping

Norrköping is a beautiful and pleasant city to visit when you stay with us in Kolmården. There is a lot to discover and see. The area called Industrilandskapet is well worth a detour if you visit the city. There are many listed buildings and activities to discover. The buildings Louis De Geer concert & congress is housed in an old paper mill and you can listen to the country’s premier symphony orchestras. You can also visit the 17th century Holmentornet (Tower) which is painted in the “Norrköping-yellow”, passing the houses Strykbrädan and Strykjärnet and Stadsmuseet.

The Knäppingsborg district

This is a neighborhood where the oldest buildings are from 1767. Here you can visit cozy shops, eat, “fika” and enjoy the beautiful neighborhoods and its history.

Shopping in Norrköping

In the city center there are several nice shopping malls, like Spiralen, with great stores and boutiques and a wide range of fine restaurants and cafés. There are also two major shopping areas located outside the city center, Ingelsta shopping and Mirum Galleria. If you appreciate more small-scale and genuine farm production, there are several charming farmhouses to visit in the countryside.

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