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Löfstad Castle

There are guided tours of the castle throughout the year, The castle can date its history back to the 17th century. After a major fire in 1750, the castle was rebuilt to its present condition. Meet the Löfstad family members who lived there – Lillie, de la Gardie, von Fersen and Piper. The castle is well preserved and today appears in the same state as it did when the last mistress, Emilie Piper, died in 1926. One can pick up some beautiful items in the boutique for the home and garden. Attached to the castle is also an English park and there are various activities taking place throughout the year. The cafeteria is open all year round and one can enjoy good food in a historical setting. In summer, you can enjoy the outdoor seating in the old blacksmiths area with homemade bread, delicious sandwiches and other lighter meals.


Löfstad castle

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