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Riding and hand-led rides

Luksusrideferie is based close to First Camp Klim Strand – Nordvestkysten, and here you can experience the beautiful horses that Luksusrideferie offers.

Luksusrideferie is owned by Rikke and Jesper, who provide their horses and expertise to guests, and we hope that all of you will support the activities.

The horses used for the rides are very good and seasoned Icelandic horses, so all rides are for established riders only. A minimum age of 12 years applies and you must have experience of riding in open country.

The two-hour ride is for more experienced riders and takes place at the tölt and walk. The ride goes from the Haw kiosk at Thorupstrand and over to Bulbjerg.

If you would like a hand-led ride, you can hire a horse for half an hour or an hour and lead your child around the dunes and on the beach.

The meeting point for you is the end of Klim Strandvej at the stopping place just before the dunes. The road runs parallel to First Camp Klim Strand – Nordvestkysten, and you can get there by going down through the site to the beach and walking 100 metres to the left at the first set of steps and then another 50 metres, where we will be standing with the horses at the stopping place.

Luksusrideferie has helmets, but by all means bring your own. A cycling helmet is fine.

Special rates for campsite guests:

  • Two-hour ride: DKK 475, normal price DKK 600.
  • Half-hour hand-led trek DKK 150.
  • One-hour hand-led trek DKK 200.

Rides must be booked directly in advance with Luksusrideferie by calling + 45 30 24 59 98

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