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Klim Bjerg and Klim kalkovn

Klim Bjerg is a fabulous nature area, with marked walking trails and stunning views. Looking out from ‘Marius’ Bench’, you can take in a special landscape phenomenon, a shifting dune, which due to its oblong shape is termed a ‘parabolic dune’. To the east lie Denmark’s largest and most beautiful sand parabolas – Nørre and Sønder Miler.

Klim Limekiln today is a museum and natural area that is worth preserving. Based on the special cultural and natural history value of the location, it explains and displays information about lime as well as the lime industry, nature and the area around Klim Bjerg and Klim Dune Plantation. The framework for this is a unique Limekiln that was active from 1946–1977 and is the culmination of a local industrial boom stretching back to the 1870s.

Klim Limekiln offers tours and guided walks from Easter until 1 October. The museum also runs workshop activities and creative workshops with varied themes for children, adolescents and their families. Find out more at klimkalkovn.dk.

Klim Bjerg and Klim Limekiln are situated just 4 km from the campsite.

Klim Kalkovn/Klim Limekiln
Klim Strandvej 68
DK-9690 Fjerritslev

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