Norrlands bfirst camp tylösand - halmstad

Beach and swimming

Beaches, beaches, beaches! When you think about it, it’s amazing to consider how many beautiful beaches we have here. Forget the Mediterranean and instead discover our own white sandy paradises and sun-drenched cliffs.

Boden bad pool

Björknäs – Boden

Welcome to our idyllic campsite, First Camp Björknäs – Boden, which is open year-round.

Arcus – Luleå

First Camp Arcus – Luleå is open all year round. Here one can expect a unique natural life, so come equipped with your fishing rods and you could find lavaret (white fish), trout and pike in the Lule river to take home for your evening dinner.


Enåbadet – Rättvik

Right next to Siljan sits Rättvik, with its red log cabins, glittering waters, traditional costumes and fame for its shiny vintage cars during the Classic Car Week.

Fläsian - Sundsvall

Fläsian – Sundsvall

First Camp Fläsian – Sundsvall is located five kilometres south of Sundsvall, a beautiful terraced campsite where you can swim in the sea and have a sea view from your accommodation.

Frösön – Östersund

First Camp Frösön – Östersund, with a view over the lake Storsjön,

Lugnet – Falun

First Camp Lugnet – Falun is located in a peaceful environment surrounded with beautiful nature by the east side of Falun.

Umeå camping

Nydala – Umeå

Välkommen till vackra Norrlandskusten och First Camp Nydala – Umeå som håller öppet året runt för dig!

Orsa – Dalarna

I vackra Orsa kan du semestra året runt! Med stort aktivitetsutbud, restauranger, camping, stugor och vandrarhem finns något för alla!

Siljansbadet – Rättvik

Fyrstjärniga Siljansbadet ligger längs med Siljans långgrunda och badvänliga sandstrand. Det är en perfekt plats för härliga bad, spännande familjeaktiviteter och middagar i solnedgången vid vattnet.

City – Strömstad

First Camp City – Strömstad is quiet and close to nature in an authentic Bohuslän environment with proximity to the sea.