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Invoicing address & organisation in Denmark

First Camp is Scandinavia’s largest camping chain with destinations in Sweden and Denmark. As a guest, you can easily book your holiday at all First Camp destinations on the same website, firstcamp.dk, and each destination’s own website. The Danish destinations have the same booking conditions and price regardless of which website you book.

Correct information for the company is as follows:
First Camp Danmark A / S
Cvr: 41026413

The seat of the board is in Stockholm.

The operation of 7 Danish destinations is handled by First Camp in Denmark. Destinations that have a different operating organization are included, like First Camp Danmark A / S, in the First Camp chain with the same conditions:

(1) First Camp Danmark A/S
cvr: 41026413 is responsible for renting at the following destinations:

  • First Camp Bogense City – Fyn
  • First Camp Bøsøre Strand – Fyn
  • First Camp Skovlund – Lillebælt
  • First Camp Hasmark Strand – Fyn
  • First Camp Frigård – Flensborg Fjord
  • First Camp Råbjerg Mile – Skagen
  • First Camp Klim Strand – Nordvestkysten

(2) First Camp Lakolk A/S
cvr: 38332406 is responsible for renting at the following destination:

  • First Camp Lakolk Strand – Rømø

Billing address
The billing address is provided by the person ordering the service / product.

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